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Muscle Building For Hardgainers – It’s Not There Fault

When it comes to being able to add muscle to a skinny frame Vince DelMonte is the expert. He was the guy that no matter what he did, he couldn’t add on any weight, let alone muscle. Skinny Vinny was what they called him.

Now he’s a best selling Internet Muscle Building author and has made me up a video for beginners that will have you on the right course to building a big, natural muscular body in only 6 weeks.

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Vince is well known throughout the bodybuilding community as the guy that went from a 147 pound tri-athlete to a fitness model. He did it the natural way and never took steroids and had to fight his own genetics to do it. Going from skinny to ripped is never easy but Vince has come up with the solution after years of trial an error.

His No Nonsense Muscle Building book is one of the best selling muscle building courses on the internet and has been for years now. He is a great guy who tells you like it is and also tells you how much you are being lied to and sold to by the magazine and supplement companies.

To be honest, before I ran across Vince’s muscle building course I never realized that all the muscle building magazines were made by the supplement companies. I was just like you thinking that they were trying to help me put on the muscle that I’ve always wanted.

In reality, they were getting me to buy the new protein powders, mass builders, creatine mixes and whatever their mad scientists had cooked up in the lab. As long as I gave them my hard earned cash they didn’t care that I wasn’t gaining any weight.

Well, enough writing already. Check out this video and let me know what you think.

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Vince del Monte – Skinny Guy Savior


Like I said, Vince is a no-nonsense kind of guy and he gives alot of information for free. Get the free book below just by clicking on it.


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When it comes to Muscle Building you can waste your time and money or you can learn and grow from the people who have done it before.

How Many of These Female Fat Loss Questions Do You Know?

Do You Think You Know How to Diet and Exercise For Female Fat Loss ?

In today’s world with so much information out on the internet we all get the feeling we are experts in every field. Especially when it comes to weight loss and exercising. After all, we see something on this subject virtually every day.

But I have a little questionnaire here that will REALLY SHOW YOU what you know. Don’t be afraid, there is no grade at the end HEHEHEHE

But you will come away knowing a lot more than you came here with. And this can make a huge difference in how you go forward with your diet and exercise program.

Flavia Del Monte Is An Expert Fitness Instructor And Nutritionist

Female Fat Loss

Flavia Del Monte

My friend Flavia Del Monte has come up with the little quiz. It only takes a few minutes to complete, but you will learn a tremendous amount about what the REAL TRUTH is.


female fat loss

As I said, Flavia is an expert. You will be learning from one of the best female fitness instructors and nutritionists on the planet. She even has information for those going through pregnancy.

Her husband is also a Well Known Best-Selling Muscle Building/Fitness and Nutritionist by the name of Vince Del Monte. Between the two of them there isn’t a better sets of minds or bodies around.

female fat loss workout

female fat loss

5 Proven Nutrition SWITCHES for Faster Fat Loss

By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS


Every day in March, I’ve committed to sharing a Training and
Nutrition “SWITCH” to help you lose fat. Here are 5 of the
most popular nutrition switches I’ve posted so far:

Nutrition SWITCH #1 – No More Dessert for Breakfast

If you want to lose fat, stop eating dessert for breakfast.

Let’s be honest, most of what people eat for breakfast would
qualify as dessert if served at any other time of day. So
stop with sugary cereals, muffins (let’s be honest, we all
know that muffins = cake), granola bars, and bagels.

Nutrition SWITCH #2 – Switch Your Eating Schedule

If you find that you often “binge snack” at night, try having
a bigger late afternoon healthy snack, and then having a later
healthy dinner.

There’s no magic to not eating after a certain time. I often
eat a big healthy dinner and go to sleep within 30 minutes.
That won’t make you fat. Eating a pint of ice cream & bag
of chips every night while you watch TV makes you fat.

Nutrition SWITCH #3 – Minimize the Junk

Your house doesn’t need to be stocked like the local 7-11.
Keep the minimum amount of treats at home to avoid mutiny
and keep treats out of sight & hard to access.

Make healthy foods (giant bowls of fresh fruit) visible and
places encouraging notes to eat the fruit in the kitchen.

Put ready-to-eat produce in most visible part of the fridge
& hide junk in the back. All research proven to increase
healthy food consumption. And when it’s your time for a
cheat meal, you can enjoy it guilt-free.

Nutrition SWITCH #4 – Go From Processed to Natural

When possible, switch out all processed or “modified”
carbohydrates and replace it with a fruit, vegetable, or nut.

For example, instead of toast with eggs, have an apple and
add spinach to the eggs. Instead of a processed carbohydrate
with your morning coffee, have 1oz of raw nuts (almonds or
walnuts). With steak, eat broccoli, not mashed potatoes or
French fries.

Nutrition SWITCH #5 – Cut the Sugar From Your Post-Workout Drink

If you’re focused specifically on fat loss, you do NOT need
to add sugar (or any variations of sugar) to your after
training drink.

I interviewed top nutritionists about this in 2010, and they
all agreed that for fat loss, you don’t need to force post-
workout sugar into your body. So take it out.

BONUS Nutrition SWITCH – Become Your Own Nutrition Expert

Stop getting fooled by fad diets. Become an expert yourself
by going through a 2-week “intensive nutrition course”.

Here’s how:

Eat a wide variety of food for 2 weeks and record all of
your meals. You’ll quickly know the calorie counts of all
foods and proper serving sizes AND most importantly, what
works for YOU. Very simple. Very effective.

Research proven tips to help you eat better.